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Meet Ron Alford

Meet Ron Alford and Disaster Masters™

Ron Alford wearing gas mask. By Vice Magazine Ron Alford is the Disaster Master®. That is his trademarked title.

Mr. Alford founded the company. He has personally managed Disaster Masters, Inc. for over 35 years.

In The News

Ron Alford has appeared on over 400 national and international radio and television programs.

You may have read articles about his with with Disaster Masters™ in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Good Housekeeping, Elle Magazine, Social Work Today, and dozens more magazines and newspapers.

You may have seen him on television.

Alford has been interviewed by The Discovery Channel USA, BBC, MSNBC, NHK, Germany PBS, Good Morning America, The Early Show On NBC and many, many more.

Learn more about his work, methods and philosophy in the following articles and videos.

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Selected Articles

  • Vice: Bless This Mess. “At 8 AM on a sunny Tuesday morning I am on my way to a crisis site on East End Avenue at 82nd Street…”
  • New York Times: A Hoarder’s Tale of Redemption. “Barry Yourgrau collects shopping bags and stationery from grand hotels, cocktail napkins and coasters…”
  • The New Yorker: Squished. “…can you fit more than fifty industrial-size trash bags worth of junk in a ten-by-ten room?




  • Never Enough. Ron Alford visits a retired marine who owns 7,800 beanie baby dolls, and a Home Shopping Network addict.
  • PackRat. Filmmaker Kris Montag introduces Ron Alford, “the owner of Disaster Masters, a company specializing in crisis management for hoarders whose collections have created serious health and safety problems in their homes.”

Our Favorite Testimonials

Disasters Masters™ and Hoarding and Clutter Pros™ have over 35 years of testimonials. These are two of our favorites.

Grateful Daughter

“I wanted to write and mention the amazing job Ron Alford and his Hoarding and Clutter Pros™ crew did helping my mother out of a terrible situation.

We had interviewed a few other companies in New York City before we found Hoarding and Clutter Pros™, and when my Mom said she thought Ron was “fun to talk to” I knew he was the right person for the job.

I knew it would be a hard undertaking for her to dig out of the tiny studio apartment full to the ceiling with stuff collected over 35+ years, and finding the right person for the job was critical to me and my family. Ron’s no nonsense style was exactly what she needed to get through the intense experience of cleaning out that apartment, that’s for sure.

I arrived in New York City to spirit her away to her life in another State on the last day of the job, and found her sitting on the steps of her building with Ron, smiling. I did not anticipate the smile, and thought I would find her feeling very down and sad.

You can imagine how happy it made me to see her doing okay after four days of the cleanout with Ron and his team. They all looked tired for sure, but our deadline was met, my Mom was holding together nicely and the job was done. The apartment was empty, and we were able to turn in the keys, on time. A miracle!

I spent a few more days with her paring down her things even more once we got to our destination, and she was really in the groove of letting things go. Whatever Ron did with her really stuck and she is now free of the burden of too much stuff.

My family and I are forever grateful for the rescue of our mother from her desperate situation. I know that sounds dramatic, but I really feel that way. There is no way she could have done it on her own, or we could have done it ourselves. Just no possible way.

Hoarding and Clutter Pros™ systematic approach, and years of experience made it as painless as it could be. My Mom is off on a new path and already feels like her apartment in New York is far behind her, even though it’s only been a few months.

My advice to anyone who has this same need is act now! The rest of your life awaits you, and Hoarding and Clutter Pros™ and Ron can be the bridge to a better life for you.”



Why You Shouldn’t Hang Up On Ron

I could feel my heart beating faster and faster
Is this the service called Disaster Masters?
My hands were shaky as I made that first call
It was not what I was expecting at all.

A gruff voice answered “How may I help you?”
My clutter is out of control and I don’t know what to do.
Although the man sensed that I was afraid
He responded, “Why don’t you just hire a maid?”

I thought that I must have reached a wrong number
And was ready to hang up and return to my slumber.
What legitimate business would answer in this fashion?
But in that tough voice I detected a note of compassion.

I remained on the line and relayed my sad tale,
Of an apartment overrun with trash and junk mail.
The man listened carefully and began to probe,
You sound like a classic “disposophobe.”

I’d have to assess your situation with my own eyes.
Don”t waste your dough on professionals who offer to organize.
Forget those self help books, shrinks and talk show jerks.
Just follow “The Plan’—it’s guaranteed to work.

When Ron Alford and team first walked through my door,
I almost died of embarrassment that’s for sure.
“We’ve seen it all so get over your shame.
It’s time to let go of self-loathing and blame.”

I was finally ready to combat my fears.
These were the first “guests” I’ve had over in 25 years!
I suppose it’s some form of obsessive-compulsive disorder,
But was I a clutterer or was I a hoarder?

The first step is to make your home hazard-free.
Pathways are created for the removal of debris.
Against building violations they go on attack,
To keep the dreaded landlord off your back.

Disaster Masters go through mountains of rubble, dirt and grime.
So much gets accomplished within record time.
Grandma’s diamond ring, lost documents, even dirty underwear,
All possessions are treated with integrity and care.

Belongings are sorted “Keep.” “Donate” or “To Be Thrown Out”
All unwanted items will be gone—have no doubt.
For repair issues like how to flush a broken john,
Seek some expert advice from Ron.

Ron knows how to make optimal use of space,
And miraculously creates the most live-able place.
The skilled work crew scrubs down everything from ceiling to floor,
There’s no need to deal with this nightmare anymore!

Ron does not depart before giving you one final hug.
Your home is now clean, safe and without a single bug.
They issue a reminder that it’s really up to you,
To adhere to their guidelines and provide the future follow-through.

So if you’re tempted to procrastinate,
Get a blueprint for a better life, please don’t hesitate.
Dial 727-463-2582
Ron Alford of Disaster Masters—He’s da man.

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