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Disaster Masters™ was the first clutter / hoarding cleanup company in the United States.

We are much more than a Garbage Removal company.

Sarasota, Florida logo Sarasota is a great place to live!

Unless your cluttering / hoarding has taken over your home.

Get help now! Nothing will improve until you get help.

We can help you get your life back. Call 727-463-2582

Don’t wait for a Baker Act, eviction, lawsuit.

You need our clutter / hoarding services and resources now to improve the quality of your life.

Why Choose Disaster Masters™ ?

Our Record
Rescued many homes and their owners from clutter and hoarding.
Saved thousands from eviction, enabled many residents to return to condemned homes.
We cure hoarders and clutterers for life.

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What Should You Do?

DISASTER MASTERS has a 95% success rate in helping those with severe clutter / hoarding issues permanently break the cycle since 1980.

The Best Way to Get Help

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset The best way to help a person with a clutter / hoarding disorder is to have that individual call us and say, “Yes, I need your assistance and am ready to make a change.”

We retrieve, recover, and revive your belongings in methodical, proven phases.

Let us develop a personalized plan to assist you in recovering your most treasured items, valuables, important documents, memorabilia, money, and other items of value that you might have thought would never be recovered again.

Do not wait for clutter / hoarding to get worse. Restore your residence, before health and legal issues ruin your life.

Please send us a note or call 727-463-2582, to schedule a consultation today.

Ron Alford, Founder

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