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Disaster Masters since 1980. Ron Alford founded DISASTER MASTERS® in 1979.

Disaster Masters has provided its clients with non-judgmental, compassionate, Hoarding Management services to those in need for over 30 years.

We were the first clutter and hoarding cleanup company in the United States.

Disaster Masters pioneered many of the techniques and services offered by others today.

spoonbill in FloridaAre You in Florida?

Disaster Masters™ has offices in Bradenton, Tampa and St. Petersburg.

Please don’t wait for your home, or a loved one’s residence to improve.

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Ron Alford, Founder

Do not confuse us with run of the mill Garbage Removal companies.

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset Disaster Masters® understands your needs.

We will treat you and your home with the compassion and dignity you deserve.

Let us help you get your life back on track by providing you with clutter / hoarding services and resources for an improved quality of life.

Ron Alford, Founder

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Florida Clutter / Hoarding Analysis

Clutter / Hoarding bailout is much more than removing trash.

We acquire things easily. Getting rid of them can be a painful, debilitating process.

Ron Alford, Founder

Your Florida Clutter / Hoarding Situation

Every clutter / hoarding situation is unique. There are many variables such as the degree of the affliction, length of time, perception of value, amount of hazard and damage, and more.

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset We receive dozens of calls weekly, from all over the USA, inquiring about our services.

Disaster Masters™ ONLY accepts clients who are ready and willing to make DRAMATIC changes to their living environment and mindset.

We have solved over 5,000 clutter / hoarding problems.

We provide specialized services to individuals and their families who are not able take good care of themselves in their current living environment.

Additionally, our team provides follow-ups and recommendations to competent senior care managers for those who need elderly life transition services.

Our proven methods help clients lead happy, productive, clutter-free lives.

Ron Alford, Founder

Our Process to Fix Florida Clutter / Hoarding


Visit the premises.

We provide a FIXED fee for services, after we inspect the project.

Clients receive a contract explaining:

  • What will be done.
  • How it will be done.
  • How long it will take.
  • Exactly how much it will cost. GUARANTEED.
Identify clutter / hoarding problems. Set goals.
Correct Problems
  • Define treasures.
  • Separate treasures from trash.
  • Discard trash.
  • Correct safety issues.
  • Correct structural damage.
Education, coaching.
Follow Up
We do not want clients to fall back into destructive behavior.

Let us help you let go, to live a better life.


Are you overwhelmed by Clutter / Hoarding?

clutter solutions

With thousands of satisfied clients since 1980, DISASTER MASTERS has an overwhelming 95% success rate in helping those with severe clutter / hoarding issues permanently break the cycle.

We want to help. The next step is yours.

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset Our team has the expertise to know what the beginning, middle, and end of a project looks like before we start.

We never give clients vague estimates, that are subject to change in the future.

Knowing how to manage these projects efficiently is everything.

We accomplish things in a few days that most people take months to do on their own using single-service providers or volunteers such as family members, friends, and neighbors.

Only the right start provides a great finish. Anything short of that ends in failure.

Ron Alford, Founder


Cluttered room.


Disaster Masters at work.

Interviews with Ron Alford, founder of Disaster Masters™.

Real videos of hoarding / clutter cleanouts.

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Ron Alford wearing gas mask

Ron Alford

Ron Alford is the Disaster Master™

He has appeared on over 400 radio and television shows.

Learn more about his work, methods and philosophy.


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Fear of getting rid of stuff

Disposophobia is a human condition and is present in all of us to a certain extent.

We have rational fears and irrational fears of parting with certain items.

Learn more

Ron Alford wearing telephone headset The best way to help a person with a clutter / hoarding disorder is to have that individual call us and say, “Yes, I need your assistance and am ready to make a change.”

We retrieve, recover, and revive your belongings in methodical, proven phases.

Let us develop a personalized plan to assist you in recovering your most treasured items, valuables, important documents, memorabilia, money, and other items of value that you might have thought would never be recovered again.

Ron Alford, Founder

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